3 Must-Have Skills: What I Learned from my Chats with IT and Tech Professionals

3 Must-Have Skills: What I Learned from my Chats with IT and Tech Professionals


Based from my conversations with working tech professionals today (e.g. software developer, network engineer, and trainers), here are 3 skills that if applied consistently will help ones long term career growth.

Looking back, it has been about a decade since I graduated college and started my career. Like many, it wasn’t a smooth ride and I had to figure out what I wanted to focus on. After doing some catching up and chatting around with few other tech professionals, sharing their experiences and struggles. In a span of ten years, some were able to advance greatly in their business and/or career.

Based from these conversations, here are the top 3 skills that came up that can help in finding an IT job or in accelerating career growth.

1. Continuous Learning

Most of the stock knowledge and principles learned in college were not directly applicable to one’s job. I come from an Applied Physics background where sleepless nights doing mind stretching calculations and programming is a common experience.

Despite the academe inclination in our training, most of us ended up working for software and tech companies (e.g. Canon, NXP, Lexmark). With a gap in needed skills, learning continuously was a normal part daily routine. I was an exception, since my first job was being a teacher.

Take a moment to observe and your will see most of the tech we have today such as smartphones or software tools will probably be obsolete or will be replaced by a better version in the near future.

Making continuous learning a daily habit is definitely an advantage in tech and IT related fields.

2. Language and Communication

Tech companies typically have a global market and it is and advantage to be well versed in English and perhaps another foreign language.

There can be a few instances where your team is sent to a different country for training or project site survey/implementation. To understand the pain points of the client or the principles from the training, it is a must to listen and communicate effectively.

Learn and practice English at the least. On the side, try to learn a different language such as Mandarin Chinese which is helpful when talking to Chinese suppliers or clients.

3. Planning

Most of the people that I know that are now advanced in their business or career plan ahead.
The Technology landscape is constantly evolving and not planning ahead may lead to obsolescence.

Just like how most fishermen use nets rather than just a single fishing rod to be more productive, the same trend also applies to IT and Tech professionals in general.

With developments in Network IT infrastructure, IOT, Cloud and other technologies, it is best to keep updated, make it a habit to plan ahead, and take action!

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