3 Reasons Why IT Companies Want You to Take a Vacation

3 Reasons Why IT Companies Want You to Take a Vacation


Taking a Vacation leave is not only good for you but for your team or company as well for the following reasons:

1. VL helps maintain a Sustainable health workforce

Having intermittent vacation leaves through the year enables the company to maintain a pool of health team members. By giving the individual an opportunity to unwind and destress perhaps in a different environment
, this helps companies reduce inflation, burn-out, and nourish a sustainable relationship with their team.

2. VL helps in identifying security and efficiency gaps.

When a team member goes on vacation and another individual takes his/her work load, this enables company audit to check for any breaches in security or efficiency. During these gaps audit can check if whether excessive privileges have been given to long-time team members who have done various roles in the company. Also, any gaps in efficiency and documentation become clearer and can be improved upon based from inputs from the substitute team member.

3. VL gives the company metrics for its manpower resiliency.

A companies operations ideally will continue to be productive despite changes in its manpower.
A VL helps the company guage its resiliency when there are changes such as team members changing departments,
and attrition.

The next time you request to schedule your vacation leave , be confident and keep in mind that taking vacations is a win-win-win for you, your team, and your company.

For those who want to learn and train during your vacation, here’s a bonus video if you want to practice on Firewall Security with Palo Alto VM deployed in AWS [YT Link].

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