3 Serial-Modbus to Lora Converters for  Long Range and Low Power Automation

3 Serial-Modbus to Lora Converters for Long Range and Low Power Automation


Here are 3 Modbus RS485/232 to LORA Converters that will prove helpful in projects where a wired approach can be over the desired budget or as a replacement for faulty wired communication.

Even though Modbus (Modicon, 1979 ) and R232 (a.k.a TIA-485(-A), EIA-485) serial connection are fairly old technologies, both are still widely used today embedded by manufacturers in various sensors, IO modules, and gateways involved in Industrial, Building and IOT automation in general.

Here are 4 Serial Modbus to LORAWAN Converter options:

1. Cascademic

This converter along with its gateway is suitable for outdoor applications (IP66) with its gateway having GPRS option for sending data to the cloud. In the diagram, this converter is suitable for outdoor temperature, water meter, and energy meter applications with serial RS485/RS232. Also, this converter device has different settings/models  for various LORA frequency to suite various location regulation.

2. Comtac

Comtac is a Lora Alliance Certified partner that offers offers this converter device for indoor/outdoor use.  If you want to make sure security features (e.g. AES Encryption or better) are updated to LORA Alliance standards, this is the preferred option.

3. Ebyte

Ebyte is a flexible solution which is able to customize with various wireless solutions such as Lora, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GFSK to interface with Serial Devices (RS485/RS232). If you need an OEM solution to fit your requirements, Ebyte is a viable option.


In project use cases with multiple facilities (e.g. energy metering) or rigid terrain (e.g. mountainous areas) or multiple floors (high story building) which requires costly and complex  wired network cabling (e.g 2-10km with serial/Ethernet to fiber) for simple data monitoring, a Modbus to LORA Converter is a budget solution worth considering.

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