Expert Interview: Real Life and Career Insight from an IT Consultant and Senior Web Developer (Part 1 of 2)

Expert Interview: Real Life and Career Insight from an IT Consultant and Senior Web Developer (Part 1 of 2)


For IT professionals and students looking for career insights, here is an interview with my friend Mary Sabio, a Senior IT Consultant and Web Developer.

In the midst of rapidly evolving technologies today, it is natural to sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed.

“Where should I start?”
“Do I need to focus and specialize here?”
“How do I grow in my career?”

Here are some of the questions that I also ask myself at one time or the other while figuring out what the next step in my career should be. Below is a summary of the interview. Enjoy😊

Mary Sabio who is now a founder of Abdiel Apps (, an IT Consultant and a Senior Android Web developer. She specializes in Full Stack Development, Web Development (front-end and back-end), Mobile development, Scrum methodology, solution architecture, system design, database design using SQL and Cloud computing (AWS)

1. What priorities do you think are needed to become a competent IT professional?

First, you need to become passionate in what you are doing. Without passion, you won’t have a drive to become competent in your profession. Second, you need to have the discipline to be consistent in what you do. Last, you should have a perseverance. Don’t let failure stop you from achieving your goals. These three characteristics are essential to be successful in your profession.

2. What problems do you usually encounter in your field, inside and outside of work?

In this country, the most common problem is the internet connectivity. If outside of work, I think people don’t really know the value we provide.

Slow internet connectivity means slower productivity and possible project delays. Outside of work, people take IT people for granted since most IT work has no direct physical/visual impact despite the value it provides.

3. What are you doing to continue learning?

You must have insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Adding to what she said, you must have a clear specific career plan. You can take online training and ask experts of that field for advice. Continuous learning is essential especially in today’s rapidly changing technologies.

4. What was the biggest problem you have encountered so far?

I was a victim of politics way back then.

 Since companies and organizations have people, politics to some degree will always be present. It’s best to keep politics to a minimal and focus on how you can be of value to your organization and clients.

5. If you had given a chance to go back in time, what advise will you give to your younger self?

Be consistent, save and invest. Invest in things that would benefit not just the physical but also the spiritual.

There is more to life than just work and career. As humans, we only have a limited number of years alive. We sometimes take this fact for granted. Spiritual growth is important as well.


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