Expert Interview: Real Life and Career Insight from an IT Consultant and Senior Web Developer (Part 2 of 2)

Expert Interview: Real Life and Career Insight from an IT Consultant and Senior Web Developer (Part 2 of 2)


For IT professionals and students looking for career insights, here is an interview with my friend Mary Sabio, a Senior IT Consultant and Web Developer.

In the midst of rapidly evolving technologies today, it is natural to sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed.

“Where should I start?”
“Do I need to focus and specialize here?”
“How do I grow in my career?”

Here are some of the questions that I also ask myself at one time or the other while figuring out what the next step in my career should be. Below is a summary of the interview. Enjoy😊

Mary Sabio who is now a founder of Abdiel Apps (, an IT Consultant and a Senior Android Web developer. She specializes in Full Stack Development, Web Development (front-end and back-end), Mobile development, Scrum methodology, solution architecture, system design, database design using SQL and Cloud computing (AWS).

6. As a young professional IT expert, what is the biggest challenge in the technology innovation today?

Internet connectivity in the Philippines. We need to have a strong Internet connectivity since businesses nowadays are going to cloud solutions. This means that we must be connected to the Internet to transact business. The Philippines is apparently not yet ready for big innovations since most of Filipinos are still traditional in thinking. But I believe that time will come Filipinos will fully embrace the power of cloud technology and IT infrastructure here will get better.

7. What is your career advise specially to young professionals?

Don’t take for granted the opportunities that come your way. Strike while the iron is hot.

8. What is the team/culture in your field? How do you normally interact with your team mates and coworkers?

Work hard play hard. We normally interact with each other just like others.

9. Do you interact with different nationalities at work? How do you cope with communication?

Yes. As a Filipino, we have an advantage since English is our second language. We can communicate directly with foreigners who also speak English. But there are also foreigners who are not native English speakers with a slightly different accent. We must be patient to understand what they’re saying. Ask if we don’t understand in a nice way.

10. If there is one thing you would like to change or improve in you field or work, what would it be?

We must be given flexibility, autonomy and bureaucracy-free workplace so we could bring excellent value to the team. There are still companies and organizations that value the 9-hour work. But in our case, decision-makers should know that the value should be placed in the output of employees. There are tasks that can be completed in just a matter of an hour and you know what I mean. In a nutshell, one thing I’d like to change is the attitude of employers towards output-based work.

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