Expert Interview: Shared Insights from a conversation with a Senior Software QA Engineer

Expert Interview: Shared Insights from a conversation with a Senior Software QA Engineer


UP Tacloban Faculty Area (2011-2012) with Alumna  Engr. Seno (left)

From time to time, I get to bump into friends that I haven’t met in a while. Recently, I had conversation with a friend from my Pisay High School days (PSHS-EVC), Engr. Glaiza Seno, a Senior Software QA Engineer in here company. Way back 2011 when I was an Instructor at UP Tacloban, I remember seeing Engr. Seno (UP Tacloban Alumna) in one of the faculty areas while I was juggling class schedules at the time.

Having mentioned this blog, here are a few practical insights that Engr Seno shared that can help particularly students or starting professionals  in careers related to Computer Science or IT in general.


1. There is a growing demand for software developers.

There is a demand for IT and Software Developers. In fact, companies looking for young talent visits schools like UP Tacloban along with other college and universities  to do preliminary interviews and tests.

In case a company wants to hire you before you graduate, as much as possible choose to graduate first before getting a job. As tempting as it may be to get that first job before graduation, it will benefit you in the long-term if you finish college first.  Having a degree serves as a benchmark for promotion and simply having the option to transfer to a better company.

Doing a simple check for ‘software developer’ in google trends, you can see an increasing trend. To some extent, this is indicative of the demand from companies/entities that rely on software to boost productivity and reach their business goals.

2. Focus on the fundamentals.

Each company requires different skills. In IT and Software Development, there is a lot of skills specializations to choose from. With such uncertainty, it is best to focus on the fundamentals while in college. Practicing logic, deductive and inductive reasoning, like in the process of forming algorithms together with effective communication, being able to collaborate in a team, is essential.

3. People skills and conflict management is a plus.

In any organization where groups of people involved, there will always be potential for conflict. Putting together professionals with different personalities and priorities can lead to miscommunication and decrease in productivity  in the workplace. Regardless if you’re an introvert or extrovert and whatever shade of personality you may have, immerse yourself with people and find what works for you. You will eventually find your way of interacting with different people and at same time getting things done for your work task or project.

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